COLOCATION / Server Colocation

Server ColocationYour home or your office headquarters is not always the best place to store your data. Placing your data storage devices in the very center of the network, powered by guaranteed power supply units, connected to the Internet, cooled by AC and looked after by professional administrators will always ensure its safety, stability and lower maintenance costs.

What benefits can you get from colocating your servers at ?
  • Redundant network services access
  • Air Conditioned environment
  • Guaranteed Power Suply
  • Support from experienced administrators
  • Flexible bandwidth increase
  • Shorter routes (lower "pings")
  • Theft protection and unauthorized access protection. offers server collocation services according to the customer's needs not dependant on:
  • the type of the server -we accept rackmounted equipment and PC case servers
  • size of the server - from 1U up to 40U and from desktop up to BigTower PC case sizes
  • amount of power needed  (from 250W up to 30KW and more)
  • amount of power supply units in the server
  • power supply voltage (400V,230V, 48VDC)

Every colocation service has a vast amount of added services included in every bundle – such as basic power supply or 10Mbit unlimited transfer to local traffic exchange points. Installation fees start from 1 PLN (+VAT).

Please contact our sales department or use the service calculator.